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Having trouble diagnosing your hypertensive patients?  No problem.  The Ambulo 2400 is a complete solution, giving you the tools to diagnose accurately and confidently.

The Ambulo 2400 24-hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) system offers state-of-the-art innovation, accuracy and reliability in a sleek and easy-to-use package.  It is lightweight, comfortable, and does not interfere with daily activities.  The 24-hour blood pressure measurements provide you with a full picture of each patient's blood pressure over the circadian cycle.  Built-in actigraphy tracks activity level during the study period and supports the automatic determination of asleep/awake cycles.

Key Features

arrow Truly Affordable Solution: State of the art technology and features at the most affordable prices

arrow Trusted Technology: Patentend oscillometric technology meets powerful Windows®-based software for setup, collection, analysis and documentation

arrow Highly Accurate: Validated to both the British Hypertension Society and AAMI SP-10 protocols

arrow Built-in Actigraphy: Automatic determination of asleep/awake cycles based on patented technology reduces cumbersome reliance on diaries, and enables synchronization of before/after studies in clinical studies

arrow Patient Comfort is Key: Compact, lightweight, quiet, and comfortable operation increases patient compliance and produces detailed test results.  EasyWear™ cuff allows for device to be directly worn on the cuff, eliminating clutter.

arrow Easy to Use: Quick, easy hook-up and data capture; powerful yet simple analysis tools

arrow Service and Support Leader: One or two year manufacturer's warranty with lifetime technical support from our friendly, knowledgable and action-oriented staff

Ambulo 2400 Offers Flexible Options


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