Tiba Medical Announces Volume Availability of Ambulo 2400

Innovative 24-Hour ABPM System Now Available in the US, Europe & Beyond

November 19, 2008 – Düsseldorf, Germany Tiba Medical, a provider of non-invasive medical diagnostic systems, today announced the general availability of its Ambulo™ 2400 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) systems.

The Ambulo 2400 ABPM system provides primary care, cardiology and nephrology clinics, as well as hypertension researchers, the state-of-the-art in 24-hour blood pressure monitoring. The Ambulo 2400 includes a built-in actigrapher that tracks activity levels during the study period, and automatically categorizes activity/rest cycles.  This feature, unique to Tiba Medical, improves the analysis of the patient’s blood pressure over the full circadian rhythm.

“We have spent the last three months preparing our supply chain, working out logistics and volume manufacturing details and getting units ready for shipment.  We are fully prepared to serve our customers and their patients," stated Merat Bagha, President of Tiba Medical.

The Ambulo 2400 system has been validated according to the AAMI SP-10 and the British Hypertension Society’s protocols, achieving an A/A grade. The system includes many innovations that improve patient comfort and compliance while ensuring accurate and reliable measurements over the life of the system. This includes the optional EasyWear™ cuff for wearing the device directly on the cuff, the intuitive and powerful Hypertension Diagnostics Suite software as well as solid-state technology that can store up to 3000 blood pressure measurements and 7 days of actigraphy.

Tiba Medical will be exhibiting the Ambulo 2400 at Hall 13, Stand E40 of Medica - the 40th World Forum for Medicine, which is expected to draw more than 160,000 professionals in the medical device and healthcare fields from across the globe.

Tiba Medical is actively seeking distributors and representatives for its products in the European Union and beyond.

About Tiba Medical

Based in Portland, Oregon, Tiba Medical offers innovative and affordable solutions for noninvasive diagnosis and monitoring of patients. Tiba Medical is an FDA-registered establishment and certified to be compliant with the ISO 13485:2003, acknowledging that Tiba Medical meets quality system requirements that are recognized around the world. For more information about Tiba Medical and its products, visit their web site at www.tibamedical.com.

PHOTOS: High resolution and low resolution pictures of the Ambulo 2400 are available online, in the Tiba Medical Image Bank.


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