Major Software Upgrade Announced

December 23, 2009 – Portland, Oregon – Tiba Medical announced today announced a major uprade to its Hypertension Diagnostics Suite software for its Ambulo 2400 ABPM systems.  Version 2.30 of the Hypertension Diagnostics Suite includes a number of important enhancements,  as well as minor fixes including:
  • Better support for Windows® Vista and Windows 7: Better support for User Access Control security features of these operating systems by moving user specific and patient database files away from subdirectories reserved for system use and generally protected from user access.  This will make the software easier to use with these newer operating systems.
  • Pediatrics Load Factors: Blood pressure limits for pediatric and adolescent patients automatically determined based on the American Heart Association’s guidelines.  Limits are based upon the age, height and gender of the child at the time of each study.  This will make it much simpler for pediatricians and researchers performing ABPM studies in children, because they will not have to look up the relevant limits for each child.
  • Better Control over Viewed & Printed Data: Options for viewing and printing of blood pressure data, including blood pressure measurements only (default view), all data including errors and events, as well as hourly mean blood pressure data.  The default view will help focus physicians, researchers and nurses on the data that matters the most.
  • Support for Greek Language: This in addition to existing support for English, Spanish and French. We will be offering support for additional languages in 2010 as we continue our international expansion.
  • Actigraphy Statistics: Using the unique actigraphy function fo the Ambulo 2400 system, the software now generates summary statistics relative to the level and amount of activity during the study as well as during awake and asleep periods.  This can assist in comparing the amount of activity in pre- and post-treatment periods.

"We listened to feedback from our customers and provided features and functions that they demanded," said Steve Gerken, Tiba Medical's Director of Software Engineering.  He continued, "Being responsive to customer needs in both the clinical and research community is a distinguishing hallmark of our company.  As such, we are excited to bring these new enhancements to our customers."  Version 2.30 of the Ambulo 2400's Hypertension Diagnosics Suite software is available immediately as a free upgrade to all existing customers.  Please contact us for download and upgrade instructions.

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