Excellent Interview on ABPM via Medscape


An excellent interview by Drs. Black and White at the American Society of Hypertension regarding Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring is available here.  Login required - free signup.

In the interview, Dr. White refers to a watch BP device that presents a noval approach to ABPM.  While we agree that getting rid of a cuff inflating and deflating would be a great advancement in determining blood pressure, from what we have seen and heard, this watch device is not practical in real-life.  A tonometer pressing on the radial artery over an extended timeframe has proven unbearable over more than a few hours - resulting in lack of patient compliance, incomplete data and/or inaccurate masurements that are very susciptible to movement.  The validity of this device and its readings have also been called into question in scientific assessments in Europe.  We know of several similiar efforts here in the US or internationally which have involved millions of dollars of investment to take such a concept to market without much success.  Brachial measurements using a cuff are still the gold standard for determining blood pressure measurements accurately and with the highest compliance.


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