Support for Hypertension Center in West Africa

Tiba Medical is pleased to support hypertension screening efforts in the West African country of Cameroon through a collaboration arrangement involving a combination purchased/grant equipment delivery agreement between Tiba Medical, its local representative, OVP Pharma S.a.r.l, and the Cameroonian Ministry of Health.  Led by Professor Dr. Walinjom Muna, MD, PhD, FACC of the University of Yaoundé, this program will help better identify "white coat" effect patients.  It is believed that the sub-Saharan African population has a higher incidence of "white coat" hypertension given that rural patients typically seek treatment in unfamiliar urban centers and eventually return to their rural home.  The purpose of this program is to deploy equipment in up to 10 centers and provide physicians and their patients with better tools for diagnosis and treatment of hypertension.  The first set of systems were delivered and installed at the National Center for Education of Hypertension and Diabetes on December 22, 2010 with the balance to be put in to operation in early 2011.



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