Mortara Instrument Expands Product Portfolio into Blood Pressure Monitoring through Acquisition of Tiba Medical’s Assets



March 31, 2011 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin & Portland, Oregon – Mortara Instrument, Inc. and Tiba Medical, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Tiba Medical, Inc.’s blood pressure assets including all related intellectual property, technology, and products.  Based in Portland, Oregon, Tiba Medical is a leading provider of blood pressure monitoring technology and has developed unique solutions for the accurate measurement, storage, and trending of blood pressure readings in ambulatory settings.

Tiba Medical’s ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system, “Ambulo™ 2400”, incorporates state-of-the-art innovation, accuracy, and reliability in a sleek and simple design.  This mobile device is extremely compact and lightweight, enabling patients to go about their daily activities with comfort and ease.  The Ambulo 2400 may be worn continuously, with blood pressure measurements that may be customized to predetermined intervals within any 24-hour period.  This is especially beneficial for patients whose readings are artificially elevated due to increased anxiety when in a clinical setting.  Additionally, the Ambulo 2400 is particularly useful in the evaluation of resistant hypertension and medication compliance because it reveals a patient’s blood pressure pattern during sleep and awake cycles.

“Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is extremely meaningful in the management of the nearly 50 million Americans with hypertension.” said Dr. Justin L. Mortara, CEO of Mortara Instrument.  “The acquisition of Tiba Medical intellectual properties and components complements our existing business and extends our core competencies within the non-invasive cardiology market.  The integration of Tiba Medical technology into the Mortara Instrument product portfolio will provide the medical community with another valuable indicator of cardiovascular risk.”

Under this acquisition, Merat Bagha will join Mortara as Vice President of Blood Pressure Technology and, along with Tiba’s Portland, Oregon based team, will lead Mortara in continued contributions within the field.  ”We are extremely pleased that the technology and product innovations we have accomplished have been validated through this acquisition and will now be offered to customers on a global basis through Mortara’s sales and marketing channels.” said Merat Bagha, President and CEO of Tiba Medical.

About Mortara Instrument

Mortara Instrument, Inc. was founded nearly 30 years ago and today is a recognized technology leader in the world of ECG.  Mortara’s global headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with operations in Italy, Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands.  Mortara is distinguished in the field of non-invasive cardiology for innovations that are the core of the company's complete line of ECG products including electrocardiographs, stress exercise systems, Holter systems, data warehousing solutions, and cardiology monitoring systems.  The company manufactures and distributes its ECG devices and related technologies worldwide.  Mortara’s market leadership is a result of its substantial investment in R & D which has fueled the introduction of many new Mortara products uniquely positioned to benefit customers in their everyday use of diagnostic ECG devices.  To learn more about Mortara Instrument and its expanding product portfolio visit


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