ABPM Coding

CPT procedure codes; ranging from 93784 thru 93790 may be used for billing purposes, including:

93784 Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring; including recording, scanning analysis, interpretation and report. This global code is what we recommend.
93786 Recording only
93788 Scanning analysis with report
93790 Physician review with interpretation and report

ICD-9 Codes

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Condition CPT
Elevated blood pressure reading without diagnosis of hypertension
(The only ICD-9 code covered by Medicare)
Essential hypertension 401
Essential hypertension - Unspecified (Resistant) 401.9
Hypertensive heart disease 402
Hypertensive renal disease 403
Nocturnal angina 413.0
ll-defined descriptions and complications of heart disease 429
Orthostatic hypotension 458
Hypotension, unspecified 458.9
Hypertension complicating pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium 642
Transient hypertension of pregnancy 642.2
Mild or unspecified pre-eclampsia 642.4
Unspecified hypertension complicating pregnancy 642.9
Maternal hypotension syndrome 669.2
Syncope and collapse 780.2
Other Hypertension (Episodic, Labile, Postural) 997.91

Here is a useful site for searching various ICD-9 codes.



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